Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Shift

It's been just 7-8 years since my last shift. You know, since something really happened.

7-8 years ago I lost my secretary job and started Chicago Elevated. But what really happened, was I learned how to be awesome. I learned initially from Chris Guillebeau (pronounced like Bilbo and when I met him in person I told him we called him Guillebeau Baggins and he looked at me funny, it's okay, people look at me funny sometimes) but then I learned how to be awesome on my own.

Starting Chicago Elevated was a big thing, I'm so thankful. Every day.

But it's been pretty standard since. Same apartment, same job, same same. Good, but same. There have been some great trips: Morocco, India, China, Vietnam, Spain....but same.

And then Remo dies and sameness ends.

And even before that, things were falling into different places - in a good way I mean. But Remo dying accelerated what may have been an already coming life shift.

Things are changing in my heart and brain. There's a synergy happening, something that's connecting my natural movement/health/fitness stuff to my financial stuff to my meditation spiritual stuff - it's all coming together that they're all kind of the same stuff and that it all goes together and personal mission statements and things are changing.

We'll be moving in the summer, not away from Chicago but downsizing for more travel in our future. We're talking about spending more time away, we're talking about living a different kind of life and that is all great with the synergy I talked about above.

I'm crying a lot - good crying (I had to describe this to a male friend, DO YOU ALL NOT CRY? Poor things), great hearty cries of frustration sometimes and more and more gladness and thankfulness that I'm the way I am. More and more I'm seeing what matters to me more clearly and it makes me cry. I just cry now, it's awesome.

But I'm also making sure at this really sensitive time in my life, what I feel is like, one of those important times in your life that comes every 7 or 8 years or so - I'm really trying to make sure I put good things in my head. Good podcasts. Good books. Good music. Less Tr*mp, less twitter, less FB, more finance podcasts, more business and Buddha podcasts. More books about Chicago and more walks outside.

More sleep. Less sugar.

I'm not achieving this all the time of course, but I'm trying hard, knowing that something important is brewing in my life here, that it's important to feed it good food somehow.

Write more. 

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