Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's been 18 months since my last blog confession

I wrote in this little blog for a long time, kept a diary of sorts here.

I don't go back and read my diaries from jr. high and high school and I feel no big pull to come and read my diary from Chicago Stories.

But I keep seeing things, things that maybe aren't appropriate to be posted to my business blog.

Maybe I'm going to want to swear - SHIT GODDAMNIT FUCKING SHIT

Or maybe I want to tell a sad story about a dead bunny (there is no dead bunny, I mean, I'm sure there is but I don't really have a story about it), or maybe I want to talk about my butt or your butt or something, so -

I'm going to start writing here again.

But not diary form.

Story form.

Or rant form.


Whatever the hell I want. Stay tuned.

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