Monday, April 07, 2014

Worn Out

It's no surprise about our past winter, there's really nothing to say about it except...


Everything. My precious Patagonia coat is leaking from almost every seam, distributing tiny white feathers all over Chicago.

Shoes, their soles are worn out and my awesome Merrell boots are unwearable, they could just come apart on the street.

Our couch has a big seam rip in it.

We just found out last night one of John's last pair of wearable pants has a huge hole in the back.

Everything is tired and broken and on it's last everythings, including us I think.

But here's the thing. We made it.

John and I made it! With very little $$ coming in and little work for either of us, we freaking made it through this horrible winter. I honestly feel like we won a battle. Like we are the victors.

But we have to get the swords sharpened, get the chain mail re-linked, get the swords shined (hee) and stock up on bunny rabbits and root vegetables.

Now we both have a ton of work, summer is coming - I feel like today and tomorrow are the "last icky days," so I'm going to sit on the couch with a blanket and watch Family Feud with Steve Harvey one last time - because summer is here and the battles will start again. 

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