Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cozy pants and a sweatshirt

That is totally where I am today. And that is great.

After many months I finally had a busy week this week, tours! Meetings! Plays! Musicals! Art!

It was nice. So today is the first day since about Christmas that I feel I have the right to rest and not go outside. It's cold out today. So.

I haven't been writing much here and I think about it. Not nag myself or anything, but more of a why am I not writing here? On the surface (I think), it's because of the above reason - there's just not that much going on for me right now. But of course every day there are a million things going on, so it's not really that.

Maybe I'm not willing to go into a lot here anymore. I mean, I'm feeling all kinds of things, so many things, but I just...

Sabrina and I were talking yesterday, she's been listening to a lot of Buddhist podcasts lately and she mentioned how she just wants to shut up and listen lately, not talk so much and just listen. I warned here, because I did this too, I warned her that people generally won't ask her much about herself, that she will stay quiet.

Once I shut up, this was probably, I don't know maybe 6 months ago? Once I shut up, it was very weird. Lots of people just stopped asking about me. And that is really okay, I'm not judging this, just something I noticed. We're all so much in our own minds, so many worries and fears, that once you find someone that will just listen, well then you just talk. Also, I think people assume if you're not talking, that you're okay you know? Especially women, we all know that if we need to talk, we'll tell you, we NEED TO TALK. So if you're not talking, you're fine.

Again, all good (also fun to see the people that don't let you off the hook, even when you shut up, love those people).

But I think it carries over to this blog - I have kind of shut up. I could vent or complain or over-emphasize but I'm trying to figure out the balance of shutting up and sharing yourself. So I think on this blog I've just shut up a little bit.


Anyway. Go see art. Seriously. Just go see some frakking art. Any art. I don't care what it is. Just. Art.

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