Sunday, January 26, 2014

Round 2

Round 2 of the Vortex. I'm cool with it. Bring it on. I got work to do.

I have a couple of new tours I'm playing around with, I like both of the ideas, but can only really do one, so I'm having a good time figuring out which one it's going to be. I think I know...

I'm still working on the juggernaut! THE JUGGERNAUT!!! I'm learning a bit to trust my creativity. There have been so dropped ideas, dropped projects, dropped tour ideas. I double down on something and then stop a few weeks later.

I know myself well enough now to know it's not laziness or being "uncommitted." It means it wasn't that idea's time. The juggernaut was definitely going to happen 8 months ago or whatever it was, but I wasn't ready, now I'm ready.

Same Same, the book, I doubled down and I haven't touched it since November. Beat myself up over it? Or go on with the thread that seems to have me enthralled at the moment? I'm going to go with the thread because I know when the idea is right that I settle down and follow through. Same Same might and probably will come back at some time in the future - and when it does, I'll welcome it back with open arms.

I still have to remind myself over and over and OVER again, that this is my life, this is my business. I am seriously sometimes living for some higher being that I think is judging me, like a parent figure, it's very weird.

So I laugh about it and try to remember that I'm allowed to drop any fucking idea I want, I can drop ALL THE FUCKING IDEAS if I want. It doesn't mean anything.

43 years old for godsakes.

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