Wednesday, January 08, 2014



I don't know what happened, tours I guess, summer means a totally different thing to me now than it used to.

Winter used to mean something else to me too.

But now omg, summer is my pain in the ass and winter is my refuge. Granted, I had a really nice warm apartment and lots of treats to get through the cold, but I still love it. The feeling of getting warm after being cold is so much sweeter than getting cool after being hot.

Cold is hard and sharp and heat is all loose and gross.

We're talking about going somewhere cold for our next trip. Generally cold is more expensive, but I have dreams of base camp, or Antarctica, or Russia/Siberia.

I know I know, but still.

The thing is the house. Man. The house is so alluring. You know after you've been sick a few days and outside feels weird? That's how this feels. Like, it's hard to leave the house. I know I have to, I like leaving the house and being out in the world, but a few days really IN THE HOUSE and there was honestly a little fear leaving, does that make sense?


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Erica said...

YES. Today I have a straight-up fear of leaving the house and resuming normal work and business. Being with other humans. I've been holed up in my house for 2.5 weeks and I loved it, and then with losing Parker....I don't know if I know how to be out anymore. But sink or swim right? I can get through anything.

I can totally see you in Siberia.