Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Self Retreat - I'm terrified

So, John is headed out of town in a few weeks, (I'll tell you more about that soon, but it's kind of exciting and yay!), he'll be gone about 10 days. So I'll be by myself, with a quiet amount of tours taking place.

I thought it might be a good time to try something. I mean, it'd be a piece of cake to waste the time eating pizza and ice cream and watching Buffy reruns (which I WILL do, I promise) but...I thought maybe...

I'd try a self-retreat.

Now, there's not a lot out there on this, I've been looking honestly, so I think I'm going to have to lay the rules myself. First off, the hardest one of all? No TV. I mean, there has to be NO TV. But no TV? While John's out of town?

Seriously? Honestly? Scares the hell out of me. It honestly makes me stomach twirl in knots a little bit to think about spending 5 days without John and without the television. And that alone is reason enough to do it right?

Some say no reading, but eff that. I'm reading. Talk about fear. No television, no reading? And no computer of course. I'm thinking I'll give myself 15 minutes to respond to work emails, 3 times a day. And I also was thinking I could write, I could write Same Same and I could write for Lost and Found, but cannot use my computer for anything else. Or my phone.

No phone, no FB, no John.

I also mentioned to John that I think I can GO to the movies, right?

I don't think I'll do it the whole time he's gone, maybe 4 days in the middle, 4 quiet days in the middle - but really, it scares me. And it totally kind of excites me too.

Just me and Buddy and walks and meditation and exercise and naps and I want to eat good food you know? Just eat apples and bananas and toast.


I'm going to do it. 

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