Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Buddha Lesson #426

So this is one I think we all know somewhere, maybe some of us more than others, but every once in awhile here I get a big ole lesson and I have to think about it. So I just got one from a Buddha podcast I listen to.

It's all about craving and clinging right? At least for those of us who crave and cling, some of us push everything away, not hold on to I'm a clinger, I want it and once I have it I don't want to let it go ever.

So craving in and of itself is a rotten feeling. Just craving something means that your world as it is right now is not okay with you. There's something missing, some...thing...missing and it's not going to be okay until you get that thing. The revelation here is that craving feels awful. Just the sheer act of craving feels badly to you and your body and your mind - so most of the time, all you really want? Is to get rid of the craving. It's not even the chocolate, drink, cigarette you want even, you probably don't even want it, whatever it is, what you want, is to get rid of the want. To get rid of Wanting.

Dude. I know. I mean, John was like "oh yeah, oh totally, yeah I've known that." I guess I knew that but I didn't really know that. I think I still thought I wanted the Thing.

Again, it doesn't change anything on some crazy level, but it sure is something to be aware of, as I now devour all of the chocolate in the world.

I'm doing Nanowrimo, but I'm doing it for Same Same. I had 10K words already written, so...going for 60K. NOICE!

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