Monday, September 23, 2013

The flutter

I'm starting to get it. The flutter.

The flutter of change. Of fear. Of travel. Of excitement.

I've been watching this all really closely. With the whole Buddhism study, I wonder if I attach myself, I mean of course I do, to travel. The excitement, the fear - it's all an adrenaline rush. Easy to be addicted to the rush.

It's really pure though. I mean certainly it's three weeks away from our lives and our work (although, this IS the work) but, I get really happy. And it's not like LETS BUY THINGS and STAY IN NICE HOTELS. It's seeing the world. It's shaking it up, the way it is. So. Yay. I get excited and scared and I think that's a really fine place to be. So...I'm going to read a lot. And write a lot.

Sweetie Maude. Yay. I'm so excited.

These are the days.

Survivor huh? I'm kind of into it. But they need to just play the effing game already. The family thing AND Exile Island? Seriously?????


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