Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sweetie Maude



Oh my god we had dress rehearsal last night.


Sweetie Maude is going to be great. I'm really proud of it. I'm really proud of Sabrina. I'm really proud of me. And I'm proud of Margaret and Sabrina.

We do all kinds of crazy shit together. Shit, we got out to the goddamn desert together. A place where no thing lives, except for a bunch of hippes for a week over Labor Day.

Vegas a few times. Always fun.

I just love that we did it. That she cooked it up and I yes anded the hell out of it.

When we made the fundraising video, the question was asked about how we decided to do this or something and it came out that Sabrina had the idea and I said ok and we did it. Certainly it took a long time to really get it up, but HELL YEAH WE GOT IT UP. (That's what she said.)

And I feel good about the writing. I mean, there's some really dumb Margaret jokes in there and I just love them with all my heart. I crack myself up. And there's so much of me in it and so much of my mom in it and so much love for Sondheim in it.

I'm really excited.

(Thank you Erica for making it look beautiful.)

That's another thing...

Sabrina didn't try to take this all on herself, she got the best to be the musical director, the choreographer, the writer (obvs), the actors, the costumes - it's great.

It's all gonna be GREAT.

Art is awesome.

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Erica said...

AWWW, thank YOU Margaret! It is hilarious! I can't wait for opening night. We will have much drinks and celebrations for our hard work.