Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's Wednesday

You know how I know this?

One week from tomorrow is Sweetie Maude.

Two weeks from today is VIETNAM. And Cambodia. And Thailand. Ha.

We're good. It's never really real until about now, a few weeks before that I make the full realization that I'm going away.

And then I get scared. Terrified. I can almost talk myself out of the trip by now.

Sweetie MAUDE OHMYGOD. I'm scared for that too. But not really scared, just nervous and excited. I think it's all about this nervous and excited period anyway. This is the fun time. I have to force myself to stop moving forward so much and just enjoy.

I love me and Sabrina. I love that we come up with these crazy ideas and we do them. I love that we went to Burningman. I love that we wrote a show. I love that she made it happen. I'm so excited.

I love me and John too. Our anniversary is Friday and I'll tell you what, Chicago Elevated wasn't even a GLEAM in my eye 5 years ago. I didn't have any idea, I was a 9-5er 5 years ago. I was a real estate secretary.

How is it that Chicago Elevated has not a been a part of my life forever? it's so much who I am.

Anyway. Just trying to stay mindful (I've been really forgetful, not like, forgetting THINGS, but forgetting actions, "Did I feed the dogs?" "Did I WALK the dogs?"

Trying to keep my wits about me, this is about the time John and I start telling each other to be careful out there. No broken legs, twisted ankles...

Mindfulness. Gratitude. JDSFkl;RUIAOWEPRUIESD;FDSKL;!!!!!@!

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