Monday, September 02, 2013


Seriously, when I woke up this morning and finished my extra-long (where I walk over and get a tea afterward even) playground workout this morning, I honestly didn't know what to do. No Pedway Tour today, I have the day off tomorrow.

John and I awkwardly talked until we took a walk to breakfast and then it was all the best of everything.

We are all busy, we are. But rest oh my gosh everyone. Rest. Rest your brain. Don't turn anything on, the TV, the radio - just let it be quiet. I don't want to sound like a noob here, but I don't know how people do it, with the constant...everything.

I've been "not planning" all day and it's been an interesting lesson in just doing what comes next, what I want and not worrying about what John is up to next or when I'm going to eat (ha, he's making dinner right now, but still).

I don't know. I value quiet so much. I love working hard and then I love the peace that comes with it. Buddhism talks about the "bliss of blamelessness." When you don't murder people, you can revel in that. When you don't get drunk and say something stupid, it feels so great the next day - that kind of thing.

I feel that with work. I've worked. Worked my ass off quite literally. Now I shall rest. Blamelessly.

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