Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Lil blog! Hi! How are you?!

Omg me? Good. (Not letting myself type "busy, but good." Because busy can bite me.)

Everything's been running at high since before NYC and it just calmed down. And the funny thing about it all is, it kind of all calms down somewhat, which is really nice. Time of year and all that.

The Sister City project is done as far as eating (pretty much), so now it's up to John in editing and me getting us some more media, but the driving and the eating and the potatoes are pretty much done. That's a big load off.

Tours have calmed, just today. The past few weeks were a lot, and it got hot, and it kinda wore me out, and the sister cities and...I'll tell you what. I love Labor Day, I love when kids go back to school. The city shifts in a weekend. It's awesome. All of a sudden, it is QUIET in Chicago and it's so nice. I love seeing summer and all the people and Taste and Fireworks and Tourists but holy hell, I love getting my city back.

I like having a lot to do, but only for a designated amount of time. I couldn't be "BUSY" all the time. Omg, this morning? OMG. I had the best morning off anyone has ever had. It's been a LONG time since I took a morning and slept in, I took a really long time exercising....I'm typing in my lil's not so hot today...I can go to Sweetie rehearsal tonight and you know what? Tomorrow is totally not bad and neither is Friday or Saturday or even Sunday....


I like that my biz goes in waves. Not just my weeks, but my months and years. Winter is coming dude, quiet days and coffeeshops and pedway tours and Christmas. I love having ups and downs. I could see myself full on living in a tourist town sometime - I love the hype and I love the quiet afterward.




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