Sunday, September 15, 2013


Sunday. Raining. That's usually fine, I mean shoot, it's Sunday morning. On the bus downtown this morning around 9, I looked in all the breakfast places - usually up and running by 9AM and no one's in there. Everyone's sleeping. They're brilliant.

We're not sleeping though! No how! Wanna know why?

Because Muffy (the dog we're sitting) woke us up with puking at 6AM! Oh and John was out in the backyard till way late working on a Sweetie prop (it looks AWESOME) and I pulled a groin muscle and can't walk real well.

It's fine, it's only my JOB, it's fine.

I have a Second City tour in about 1/2 hour, it's POURING right now. That's fine, I'm an improviser, I'll figure it out and there's lots of indoor space. It's just.

I can't quite figure out why I keep hurting myself. I shouldn't be. I don't work out that hard but I'm pretty strong I think. It's all on my right side always - I think my body is jacked. I dunno. We'll get Thai Massages over there, I think that will help honestly, but it's messed up. I'm really uncomfortable.

And I try and remember the Buddha. The first dart of pain has been thrown, no need to throw a second dart and get all stupid about how it hurts. A few times this morning I called myself an asshole. Because I pulled a muscle....

So. maybe I'll see, on this rainy, gray day (I LOVE IT) if maybe the best thing for me today is a bit of rest. I don't sit long and I don't sit often. Maybe it's all trying to tell me something.

What movie should I watch?

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