Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Days Off

Again, I just can't tell you how beautiful days off are.

Today I figured out if I take all the time in the world, to do my "morning routine," it takes about four hours. Really taking it slow. From getting up to getting water to waking up a bit. I go outside and walk a little, listen to my waking up song, walk to the park - do a lap or two of fast walking or a real easy jog. Then I head to the playground for my workout. I do pushups, pullups (I cannot do one unassisted but I'll get there), step stuff, lunges, squats on the balance beam, knee dips, jumping jacks, sit ups, wheelbarrows, then I'll run a little more - usually on my way to get tea.

Then I'll get a HUGE black tea from Starbucks preferably, read the paper and let the tea breathe, then walk home and listen to my best songs on the walk home. Like the new Katy Perry song.

Then I'll stretch at home. Hopefully with no TV on or anything, I'll foam roll and stretch and just today spent a lot of time on my "Supple Leopard-ness". Shit man, I stretched shit I didn't know existed - all the while I'm sipping my huge, hot, black tea.

I loosen it all up and hurts real good right? Then I head to my office for a little meditation. On my days off I've taken to listening to guided meditations and those are really nice. And longer, so it's good when I have time.

Then I putter around on the computer and then on the days off, a really long shower. It's not that green, I know, but I take really short showers the other 6 days.

Then a little more on the computer and a check in with John and a quick clean up of the kitchen.

Then, just about then, about four hours later, I am ready to start my day.

How awesome is that? I'm going to work on giving myself more time on the mornings I normally don't have time, to add a little more of a "day off" morning to my regular mornings.

TMI maybe, but I wanted a record.

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