Friday, August 23, 2013


WHEW. The sister city thing is wearing us out. 28 restaurants in 14 days, which is really 10 days because I went to NYC if you'll remember.

We've been eating a lot. We've been filming a lot. We're tired.

But happy.

We both decided we would think this was TOTALLY awesome if it was our JOB. But right now with tours and work and all the things that need attention, it's a lot.

But I reigned it in today when it all felt like too much. It's not too much, it's driving around in a car and eating food. S'okay.

We haven't seen friends however. We haven't gone out on walks, we haven't done a lot of what we normally do. The poor dog has no idea what's up.

But we're learning so much, how long this takes, what we need, what we don't, who cares and who doesn''s pretty fun. We've seen some really crazy places and eaten some really good (and honestly, some awful) food.

What I have discovered most is:

#1. I love my active lifestyle. Driving around eating food makes me tired and feel icky.
#2. John and I work together pretty well when we both drop how much work it is.
#3. A lot, A LOT, of countries eat potato.
#4. TV has got to go.

That's all I know. Looking forward to tour season calming down, to Vietnam, to other tour ideas (hee) and I dunno, reading more, writing more, friends more.

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