Sunday, August 18, 2013


Home is the best place ever.

New York is something else. It really is. After seeing many great cities since seeing (and living in) that one, cities all over the world, New York is one amazing fucking city.

And I am SO glad to be home! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

It's too much pressure.

The stores are amazing. The restaurants, the variety of the restaurants, the smells.The people, the WOMEN...omg. I'm going to write about it at Chicago Elevated. I had experiences man! Experiences I couldn't/wouldn't have here, but at the end of the New York minute (ooooooweeeeoooo), Chicago's silent, tree-lined streets, our practicality, our simplicity - it's everything, my heart releases almost quite literally. It loosens, expands, relaxes. Chicago is so simple, it truly is. I love that about it.

Anyway, all life-affirming stuff.

CHICAGO! Give me a kiss.

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