Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I've had to instances of really fun social interactions this week.

One was Chicago people.

One was ladies.

And they were both so nice and so fun and both made me feel like a normal person. So...seriously, we need each other you all.

Just saying.

The Playground Workout is coming along, my new favorite thing of all time.
Vietnam is coming along, looks like John will be going back to work during this VERY busy time! I am NOT complaining, but it's going to make things a bit tight. That's cool, bring on tight, we got tight.
I'm meditating again.
I have to get us visas.
My knee is better but still clicks like a broken safe.
I haven't been watching TV? Very weird. After the news...then I tried to watch the Bachelorette and I can't watch it. I have to The Killings to watch. I love The Killing....
I'm not even going to start telling you about how to be a supple leopard...

Keeping on keeping on folks!

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