Saturday, July 20, 2013

Catching up!

My holy goodness it's been a few weeks right? Am I RIGHT?

So for some reason it's not changing my color for hyperlinks on this bloggy blog here. So when I link something now it's going to be bolded, underlined and italicized. Now you'll totally know!

I have a new thing. The Playground Workout. My knee is not totally alright, I wonder if it will be ever really. It clicks now, it has never in my whole life clicked. S'weird. My new doctor the last time I was there mentioned that people just eventually stop running because it's too hard on their body. I wonder if that's me. I see myself running again, but not "running." Not 10 miles. Probably not 5.

So I've been listening to a lot of fitness podcasts lately and I have one guy Ben Greenfield (who I really like) say that when he's overdone it, and he's like an...elite athlete you know? He said he does "nature walks," and he'll go to the park and do sit ups and push ups on the benches and jump ups on benches and stuff. Well I have a gorgeous park near me so I started doing that and it's been great. I walk rul fast in between stuff, get my heart rate up and then PUSHUPS or SITUPS or LUNGES or something. When I went past the playground I knew that people must use it. So I looked it up and found some dudes doing playground workouts and I think it's awesome. I'm getting stronger, I really think so. Except for my clicking knee. Anyway, get up on the playground workout, it's pretty fun and really not that easy.

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