Sunday, June 02, 2013


How are all the things going that I'm constantly working so hard on for some random being above me that I put on little shows for?


1. I'm so thankful for my job. I really am. I just gave a miserable Second City tour in the rain, a bunch of people, freezing - some ladies from Hawaii who almost didn't even go out on the tour - and we had the best fucking time ever. They were hilarious and fun and open and I was hilarious and fun and open and it was so great. I love having this thing that generally doesn't scare me, that makes me feel better than I did before, something I can give back - it really is the greatest thing I found. I'm so pleased. I never thought I would be the person that found their thing. Some days are harder and I don't want to go and blah blah, but geez - lucky.

2. Running has been going pretty well. I'm still slow as molasses but I love it. I'm learning balance and temperance and it applies here too. I want to run for as long as I can in my life, so I generally don't push myself to crazy paces. I run for 40 minutes about and I run slow and I stop sometimes and look at shoes or clothes in windows, but I sweat and I feel really good. I walk almost all day these days, so I'm happy with my exercise and activity.

3. Meditation. I'm still meditating, I'm still not fully able to admit it yet. Ha. But it's true. I do about 20 minutes a day, I'm working on building that up a little bit. I've been listening to these podcasts long enough to know not to judge myself there and I don't. And you know, it's not about "emptying your mind" of course that's impossible - it's about slowing it the fuck down, so you can see what you're thinking. I see it as slowing down a movie, or a flip book - all the actions still occur, and the thinking and the emotions - but you can see a little more clearly all the weird stuff you attach. One thing I've noticed and I knew this before but see it so clearly - I live in the future. What I think about is mostly what needs to be done, conversations to be had (I rehearse them over and over), I rarely RARELY think about the past, or replay conversations - just not my gig. Anyway, I enjoy it and keep really feeling like I need to find a community but I'm not real sure how.

4. SWEETIE is going great. We have our campagin, would you like to donate? You would?? Click here, as little as FIFTEEN DOLLARS! We're doing great, almost time to start thinking about rehearsals, etc. I'm excited. We made some major casting choices (EEEEEK!) and we're so happy.

5. Vietnam. We're still planning it. The money is not flowing in so much. But we're both pretty committed to it, so - I'm still committed to it.

So all in all, doing pretty well. Getting busy. Lots to do. Still beat myself up about not working on the novel.


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