Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Turned Out?

Great weekend. Epic. And totally quiet and simple.

Sometimes, Hixx needs to let it be.

Chicago Elevated had a great weekend. I was pretty much filled up for every tour I did from Friday thru Monday. It was neat. I'm hardly ever that consistent and orders showed up really last minute, so I wasn't expecting it. It was fun.

John and I took long, long walks. We found weird, new restaurants that I'll take you to because I PROMISE you, you have no idea what we found. We watched TV and worked and walked the dog and John made Chicken Pot Pastries and I read my book and worked and it ended up being freaking excellent.

The miracle was Monday. In the past years I close on some holidays for the Pedway Tour because parts of it close, but I've found that a lot of holidays, so much of it is still open, I can usually swing it. Um, apparently not on Memorial Day?

Nothing was open. Nothing. I couldn't even pretend it was open and I had 15 people coming to the Pedway Tour. We couldn't even wait inside. It was also cold, and a little rainy. I was terrified. There was no way to know really, the Pedway is so wishy-washy. I had to tell each person and offer them their money back as they walked up. Or, I told them, I'll just take you on the best Loop tour ever. Plenty was still open (Macy's, Marquette Building, The Picasso doesn't close!). I convinced all of them to go out with me anyway. They were awesome too. Seriously. They could have gotten mad at me, and they didn't.

And we all went out, traipsing around a silent, downtown Chicago and it never rained. Not ever. We saw great art and buildings and Tiffany glass and Mies and Sullivan and we laughed and walked and it turned out to be a really great tour. I offered them free tickets for the rest of their lives for being awesome about my total and complete screw-up. And we laughed.

Great weekend. Epic.

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