Thursday, June 06, 2013

I'm old

I swear. My temperatures are changing.

I could eat this weather.

I love it.

I used to love the hot. HOT. hot hot hot. I always figured I'd move somewhere really hot.

But no. Nope.

This is it. Cool and hoodies and good sleeping and cool tours where people aren't sweating.

Granted, they're wet from the rain but...

70 - 75 tops. That's as much warmth as I need these days.


My knees ache. I make noises when I get up from the couch. It's kind of fun. Sometimes I'll really overdo it.

I take glucosomine.


I make noises when I walk. Like I have something in my galoshes but I'm not wearing galoshes.

I talk about the "young kids" these days.


I say "he's young" in defense of young people - young men really.


I'm still on blogspot.



Erica said...

Right before I read this, I was describing a college kid I interacted with today in this way "He's a baby."


Though this cold weather can suck it.

Hixx said...

Yup. That's it totally.