Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day Off

Okay so looking back, it's been over 2 weeks that I have had a tour every day of some sort.

That is AWESOME.

But today is my day off.

I hurt my knee last week, I think running and 2-3 walking tours for over 14 days had it's effect on me eventually. I've been working hard this week on trying not to exercise and only walk when I need to, which totally doesn't work.

Today I have NO tours.

I did walk this morning and here to the coffeeshop but I'm pretty much sitting my ass down for the WHOLE day. Lunch at the Golden Nugget with my friend Alcott happens in about 10 minutes, then Superman.

I have my glasses on, resting my eyes too - from the contacts. No makeup! Resting my skin too. And my knees and my brain. So nice. Really loving quiet lately.

Tonight when I come home you know what I'm going to do?

Nothing. I'm even going to ice my knee and elevate it like people say you should. And rest. I'm going to rest.

Back at it, 2 tomorrow, 2 thursday, 2 friday...yupbupbup, but today...

Today I rest.


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