Friday, June 21, 2013

Grown Up

I went to the doctor this morning.

Last time I went was right before Burningman, that was 2010. So it hasn't been too crazy long, but long enough.

I looked her up on Yelp!

Down by fancy Northwestern. I felt so fancy. And lucky enough to have enough money to buy myself health insurance.

I'm pretty healthy, I exercise a lot. We'll see what my blood work comes back, I bet my cholesterol is a bit high, but she told me not to worry about my achy knees and such. She didn't see any early arthritis, no funny moles (I've been in the sun A LOT in my life, so this is a good thing to know) and she's my new lady doc too. So all in one. I love it.

I practiced compassion and non-judging in the waiting room. And patience. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAH) oh my god I'm funny.

It feels good to have a doctor. I was terrified this morning, but I feel better now and it's nice just to have someone to call if it goes wrong. And people can poo poo Obamacare up and down the board, but I'll tell you, having all my preventative stuff covered by the Affordable Care Act was something. All that stuff is FREE. Free. So will my new birth control. So suck it everyone else.

The dentist is next.

That's a whole other step. Sigh.

Grown up.

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