Saturday, June 15, 2013


It has been a busy week. A really busy week for Chicago Elevated. It's pretty nice. My feet hurt. My body is a little busted. It's hard work, it really is. Achy knees and sweaty backs and walking from one end of the Loop to the other end of the Loop and I don't get to play on my computer, I'm away from it a lot.

It's kind of great.

I'm having some really decent days of work. I get a bit busted up about "making sure it stays that way" but I think I'm getting into a groove and it's a lot of fun. Work is good. Tours are good. I got an award from Trip Advisor, like, an honest-to-goodness award. I'll post a pic.

I've never won an award for anything. Seriously.

Sabrina and I had a good Maude day.

So now I'm playing on the computer, in front of the television I'm totally not listening to, feet up, treats nearby. I've got two tours tomorrow, two more Monday and then Tuesday I have the whole day off and it's Superman day.

I have to say I haven't been watching the news since I said, mmmm, maybe a month ago, that I can't watch the news. Whenever the machete guy happened, that's when I stopped. That day. I couldn't watch it anymore. I listen to WGN radio still in the morning so that's where I get some news, it's the least invasive way I think. Maybe reading it, but I don't read the news, anyway.

Oh, so...Dark Skies and Jack Reacher.


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