Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I was talking with John this morning about what it used to mean to have a 3-day weekend.

It was everything. EVERYTHING. The 3-day weekend was a unicorn. A strange and wonderful thing to be touched. Now, the holiday weekend is ... the same as any other weekend.

And that's great. That's one thing I love about my life now is that my personal time is not doled out by someone else. But..there's always a but right?

I've been nostalgic lately, or...more realistically, sort of clinging to the old days, sort of wondering if these  new days are enough. Sigh. It's all the same old stuff.

But we have no plans this weekend. None. Nothing. It's the same as any weekend. I remember even 5 years ago, Memorial Day weekend was EVERYTHING. We were going out, drinking, bbqs, friends and dinners and...

This weekend it's me and John hanging out with me and John. I've got tours, I'm kinda busy, but yeah, we'll be on the couch watching Sherlock and taking the dog on walks.

And sometimes I get really, lost in the past or something, about it.

But here's the thing I have to remind myself of - do you want to go out drinking? No. How about to dinner? Sure, but if we could keep it to cheap Vietnamese food, that'd be great. Do you want to go to a party? No. No I really really don't. Nope.

So. Guess what then Hixx.

I dunno. I'm real antsy lately. Real uncomfortable in my own skin - my guess is it's an unfortunate anniversary coming up in my near future - and a host of a million other things - but for now I find I'm looking at other people's grass and it looks really pretty. And mine looks boring and yellow and a little lonely.

I'll just sit here, in my lil patch of yellow grass. 

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