Tuesday, May 21, 2013


when I mentioned that I put on little shows for people? Like out in public? So I can influence how they think about me maybe? Even though they're not even looking at me and they're total strangers so it doesn't matter anyway?

You know what else I do I discovered?

I put on these little shows when I'm alone.

I honestly put on little shows when IT'S JUST ME.

Who is it that is supposedly watching my little show?

Going to see Star Trek tomorrow. It makes me laugh when John "tries" to get me to watch the new Star Trek movies. I mean. Have you seen Chris Pine?

Second City tours start on Sunday! I'm so pleased. John goes to his freelance job next week too. It's been quiet around our house and it's going to really start picking up soon. That's all about that.

This week for a little bit, I'm working on turning off the television and reading more. I know, truly revolutionary thinking.

I just wrote a great new song for Sweetie Maude. If you're interested in helping support us in that endeavor, you could donate some cash right here! 

What books should I read?

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