Monday, April 29, 2013


A whole week?

What is this for even then? For me to come over here and tell you weird it is to try meditating?

Or to hear how awful things are?

What's even going on here anyMORE?

I have no idea.

I have so much to say and absolutely nothing to say to you all.

I could talk about Survivor and how it's a pretty good season and Cochran might just take the whole thing?

I could tell you that I think this meditation thing has me all antsy and I'm questioning every thought I ever had, especially the ones that limit me? (Like, "I'm not a good caretaker" or "I shun responsibility" or "I want more than everything I have for  no good reason I can come up with."

I could tell you that it's almost a year now since my mom died. This time last year we were right in the middle of it, of all of it and I can't believe it's been that long?

We could talk about how slow tours are and no one is coming on the Disaster Tour ever again ever.

We could talk about how I really am trying to feel better physically and have already cut way down on sugar and just kind of want to go running all the time.

We could discuss how old I am that I generally don't want to go out at night because I want to feel good for running and work the next day.

I could write about how my instinct more and more is to sell everything we have and run away?

But, that's all the same old stuff. Nothing new there.

Carry on, till next Sunday.

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