Sunday, April 21, 2013


I went running when I shouldn't have and I hurt my back. It was really stupid. I felt the twinge, but I really wanted to go on a run. And apparently that run was worth more than a whole week's worth, because I haven't run since I hurt it last week. So stupid.

And it makes everything else achy I feel like. I feel like I get weaker. It's been you know, 5 days or whatever since I exercised last, or stretched. So then I get all tired and achy and tight and it's sort of a hard thing to bounce back from.

John caught something gross so he's also been out for the count and the weather and the rain and it can all add up to making me feel uncomfortable. 

I think it takes a commitment to feeling physically better. I find it's easy to keep propagating the "hurt" and the pain and the rest and all that. I can get lost on the couch in the television really easily, so a reason to lie on the couch and get lost in the television? I can keep that reason going for awhile.

Also food. Food is my next thing to really work on. I know what I'm eating (I like sugar. And carbs. I love french fries and chocolate. And bread. And ground beef. And cheese.) So, I think there are foods I can eat more of and foods I can eat less of and I know that it could really make a difference.

I'm going to make a commitment to feeling physically better.


Game of Thrones is on.

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