Monday, March 25, 2013



We did it.

This weekend was something really. Work is heating up which is great and we had our Sweetie readthrough on Saturday.

I told John, I'm not sure I've ever asked my friends to come together to help me with something like that before. I've asked my friends for help a gajillion times, but never really all of them at once. It was really scary and fun. Sabrina and I got lots of snacks and sodas and at 3:00PM my house was filled with about 11 ladies and one guy.

And we did a read through and I felt so theatery and creativey and I think it went really well. It's hard to say because you're probably not going to sit in a room with all of your friends and have them bag on what they just read, but from what I can tell, people were pleased.

Sabrina and I were pleased. We're much surer now of what direction we're headed and MAN our friends are amazing, giving voice and character in just one reading.


Yesterday I gave A FOUR HOUR WALKING TOUR. To a tiny family from the Phillipines.

Four hours out in the cold, pretending not to be cold, talking and walking is hard work! But it was fun and fine and they were a great family.

This week is packed and not packed, but I feel good.

We must just keep putting ourselves out there. Scaring ourselves.

It's a horrible feeling and it's completely awesome.

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