Saturday, March 30, 2013


Sometimes I just enjoy myself so much.

I've lately been sitting in the Starbucks in the Metra station. I don't know, it's in the Pedway, it's never that crowded here and there's always all these people passing by and ...

I dunno.

So, what's happening with me?

Sweetie Maude, I told you about that.

I'm still forcing myself to move on this new tour. You know what? Tours don't start until the tour guide makes them start...sigh.

I've had a few rejections about things. John not so long ago after I was stressing about some test or other, John said "everything works out for you Margaret, don't worry about it."

And honestly, I was confused. I know he was just saying something to make me feel better, because he's great and it may seem like things work out for me a lot 1. because those are the things I talk about and 2. I work really hard for things to work out like that.

But there have been a few things that I REALLY WANTED to happen for me/us and they didn't.

And then something else does. And then you're like ALRIGHT BUDDHA IMPERMANENCE ALRIGHT!

I've been asking a lot of religious questions lately. I really know nothing.

I haven't even worked on the novel in like a month now. But I have been working around it. I've been reading a ton (I've missed it, I like reading a lot), and Sweetie Maude is definitely learning about structure and character and dialogue and all those things. So, I'm working on the novel all the time but I haven't written a thing.

Just like I can be a Buddhist without meditation.

And a marathon runner for running 2 miles.

Oh yeah, I've been running again. I exercise all winter, but it's not the same. It's not the same until it's 40 and I can put on my music and go outside and run all around the town.

I'm slow as molasses and I learned to let that go a long time ago.

Tours are busy, or they were this past week.

John and I are getting a car to try out for a week next week (MELISA!!!!) and we're really excited. We don't have a car, so it's kind of silly and excellent.

That's all. I dunno. What are you guys doing?

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