Friday, March 22, 2013

Chillax and don't

At my buddhist meeting the other night, we were talking about armor.

One student of the Buddha said that you must be persistent so as not to fall into all the bad things everyone else is doing.

It was as if you were walking with a full bowl of mustard seed oil, and if you spilled one drop you would be killed.

Now, I don't know what's up with mustard seed oil and why you would carry it in such a full bowl, but I thought it an interesting visual.

We must be ever vigilant. Not only so we don't fall into bad habits with all of our friends, but to keep the nagging doubts and evils of our own minds away.

I'm reading Nudge, it's a great book.

And he talks a lot about how fallible humans are, we think we have it all down, but we don't.

They talk about how if you have overweight friends, you'll probably gain weight too. That when we eat alone, we eat less - when we eat with friends, we eat more.

This is partly what the Buddha means too, we are SO dense about what our brains are doing without us. We know NOTHING. Nothing about the way our own minds work. (Try sitting meditation for 15 minutes with your eyes open and see how easy it is to quiet your brain.)

We must remain vigilant for ourselves. Relax, but don't.

We are warriors.

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