Sunday, March 31, 2013

Quietest moment

It's been a really beautiful Easter, and it's only 1:16.

I went on a run early this morning. I love running on holidays, there's something about it. And again, not a religious girl at all, but I do listen to my Godspell and rejoice in spring and rejoice in all the people rejoicing.

It's a really beautiful day.

Then we went to breakfast with my brother. We miss mom. We should totally be going there today with deviled egg sandwiches and chocolate bunnies. Mom used to lay out the most amazing Easter trails when we were kids. Each one of us got our own line of jelly beans and they would go ALL around the house. Then at the end we always got some awesome little present.

I took a really long walk with the dog. We left about noon and I figured we could do a church walk. There are a ton of churches meshed together in Ravenswood and it was noon - so we took a walk in the sunshine to see all the bonnets. We hit it just right. Everyone outside in the sun, laughing and looking all spiffy, it was great.

John is watching the new Dr. Who, I'm not allowed into the living room. So I'm in the bedroom with the window open, cool breeze, birds chirping...seriously.

And I think about the Buddhist idea of reincarnation and karma. And I think if it's true, I must be close to enlightenment, maybe only be a few lifetimes away.

Because life is good. Hixx, as a being, is good.

Happy Easter all.

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