Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Outta My Head



Still, I mostly just want to go home and be with my dog and my man. I don't know what's up but that's what's up.

Here though...

So I'm at a spot with a few of my creative projects here.

Sweetie Maude is awesome, we have our first read-thru a week from Saturday! GAH! We have a lot to do, but it's fun and fine and great. But I'm at that place where I don't know if it's funny, or interesting, or anything. That just comes with the job. None of us know until someone else breathes life into it right?

My new tour. I've been working hard on this and I think have gotten to the point of overthinking it so now it doesn't seem interesting or fun or anything. I'm not real sure what I'm doing here.

John and I are struggling a bit with Lost and Found. What are WE DOING?? We're not 24 year olds going around the world and we never will be. What are we trying to share and say and do? We're getting there...

But I'm feeling um, not aimless, I'm aimful, but I'm feeling really dicey creatively.

There's a weird sense of just PUSH THROUGH.

But it's all PUSH  THROUGH.

I feel like I'm pushing all the time. Push push push. Not sure why.

I feel like that's the answer when you don't know what the answer is.


The novel by Sapphire.

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