Sunday, February 17, 2013


Time goes by really fast when suddenly there are many things to be done.

So, you know what this week has been about?

Finding the right people to work with.

Sabrina and I laid it out really early that we were only working with the best. And when I say the best, I mean the best at what they do, but also the best for us. We want to only work with people who are a "HELL YES" (nothing less than that will do) and who understand us, our vision for this and who get really fucking excited about the idea of a lesbian Sweeney Todd.

And we had one really REALLY weird thing happen. A miscommunication at best and a small mistake at the worst. And someone (no one anyone knows on here) really lost it on us. On both of us. As we stood there, staring...wondering what it was that was getting this person so very upset.

I just...

Seth Godin said it better today then I ever could:

There are only three reasons to really chew someone out for something they did, only three reasons to have an emotional tantrum, to use cutting language and generally make them feel lousy:
1. You want them to never do it again.
2. You want them to stop doing it right now.
3. You feel upset about the change and taking it out on the person who took action makes you feel better. First clue, "he deserved it!"

Can we agree that the third reason is selfish and there are almost certainly better responses if your goal is one or two?

And then we had a meeting with someone who totally gets it, asked the right questions and was really excited by it.

Really curious what energies people bring. Really threw Sabrina for a loop, stopped her creativity dead in it's tracks for a few days.

Guillebeau calls them vampires.

Sukin da blood.

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