Wednesday, February 20, 2013



With the looming "tour season" (which is a fallacy really, that I made up, while I was busy being my boss for a few months) and Sweetie Maude and the drive to write the book, a few trips to plan...

I have a lot to finish.

Wait. No...

As I delve further into my work, deepen the parts of it that I love, it becomes more and more obvious to me that there is no "finish."

This, like Buddhism or Yoga or really anything really,

is a practice.

My work will never be done. It will never be over or accomplished or finished.

The growing of my business, and I don't mean growing like getting bigger, but I mean growing in terms of deepening and cultivating and making it better and better - it will never be finished.  This is a practice.

The novel, as I get more and more into the realisticness (MADE UP A WORD CAN'T STOP ME) of this whole endeavor, by god - I feel as if I could never finish.

Not the point.

There is not an endgame. There is no line to cross. There is only the practice.

*I've been studying my grammar and what I just did there at the bottom is called an anaphora - it is the repeating of words or phrases for impact.*

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