Monday, December 10, 2012


I sang the alto part in high school. I remember it distinctly. I'm sitting here singing the alto part at the moment. King of Kings and Lord of Lords...

That's my favorite I think.

Okay, so been working on relaxing cracks over here and it's possible it might be working.

Biz = good. Debt = gone. Health insurance = just about done with the greatest broker I could have asked for.

So, really, 2012 has been enough. I've been beating myself up a bit with the quietness of December. JOHN NEEDS TO WORK, MARGARET NEEDS TO WORK HARDER, WE NEED TO DO MORE.

But you know what? We're good. A little time to rest, to relax, to gather thoughts, to mourn, to miss my mom at Christmas, to eat and exercise and see my friends...I'm okay with this. John and I needed some time together, really together, without me or him worrying so much. Time with the dog (we had a bit of a scare, but Remo is FINE, better than fine) and walking around and the apartment is SO clean, John's been working hard on it...

December is about enjoying ourselves a little bit. Quiet. I keep thinking "quiet."

And I find that the more peace there is, the more time I have, the better I feel and the more creative I feel, the more open I feel.

Little steps.


Erica said...

I love this and admire it so much. I am NOT quiet right now, and I want to be so badly. But then, the things that are keeping me not quiet are so awesome, that I need to constantly keep myself in check to remember how great that is. So after this week, I am going to force a little bit of quiet on myself for the holidays, so I can reflect and get ready for the amazing storm that 2013 is going to be.

SO. Here's to being quiet to regroup and take care of US. You are, as always, an inspiration to me.


Hixx said...

Thank you love! I know, quiet time always seems like a hard thing to find. The trick is for me, when I do get it, to enjoy it and not worry about it being quiet.