Friday, December 14, 2012


Ooohweeeee, Hixx got herself a cold.

I have no voice, my back is all achy and my head feels huge, like Glenn Close.

But the last time I had a cold, I was stuck out in the middle of the Sahara Desert on a really uncomfortable bed with a camel snoring next to me (which was actually really calming and nice, it was like having Remo there).

So, it's nice to be at home, with my own business that can wait a day or two. I plan on sitting on this couch for a really long time today.

But I've had a really nice couple of days. My friend Alcott and I got rush tix to see A Christmas Carol at The Goodman. Dickens is my favorite, my favoritest book of all time is Great Expectations. I love Dickens. And I love A Christmas Carol, always have. And The Goodman knows what the fuck they're doing with ACC, they've been doing it for 35 years and it is just perfect. Alcott said it was "mined" which is a perfect word. They have gotten every bit, every emotion, every last thing out of every  last line, they've got it. So great. Makes me so Christmasy and then I got a cold the next day. Ha.

Then last night I went back to The Goodman to see a friend in a workshop-play in the smaller theater.

(I used to work at The Goodman box office for MANY years, hi Erica! I'm a big fan)

I was so sick, so so sick. Voice really gone and so tired and achy and blech and I knew I had to see this play and sit through it and I went through all the various thoughts of leaving at intermissions and there probably is no intermission on a show like this and I'll probably be out at 9....

And the play was just great. I was warm, cozy, sitting down and watching a really great play and watching a friend who is an improviser actually ACT. Which doesn't happen all that often with us funny people, shit, we don't do actual PLAYS.

So great. So creative. So beautiful. Two nights of the theater and I am reminded why I love it so much. It inspires me, the writing, the lights, the stage pictures, the tears from Scrooge...magic.

I feel great...and awful.

I'm going to watch something totally empty today.


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Erica said...

As much as it is always weird to be back in the building (and as much as I didn't like a lot of the shows they produced for a while there), there is something comforting about being back and around that distinctive vibe. I have nostalgia for the old building, too. I was talking to someone recently about working there and they asked if I was ever at the old building, and I think it blew their mind that I had and was a part of the transition to the new one. Old school.

So anyways, although I am sure that you and I would have met anyways, I am grateful to the Gman for the introduction. :)

FEEL BETTER. It's awful, I tell you. I am finally better, but the hubs is now sick.