Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Getting closer.

I miss my brothers. I really do. My brother Stu would always almost come out for Christmas and not just when mom had her stroke, but always, through all the years, my brother Stu pretty much always comes for Christmas.

This year?  Not even really a discussion. We're all going with our in-law families or friends or whatever this year.

And it's okay, I just miss them.

I'm actually really excited for Christmas this year. Things are good. Everyone's okay, things are quiet and happy and maybe we'll even get some stupid snow.

I had a really silly crafting night last night with some lady friends. It's possible that it's the first crafting night I've ever been to. Hixx and crafty? Not so much. But I love my lady friends so off I went and I discovered some valuable lessons...

1. Grace is patience - I've known this before but I know it truly now. My crafty items came out A MESS because I took no time with them whatsoever. I just ramrodded through and my stuff looks like a really dumb 3 year old did them.

2. When I came home, John was really proud of me for making something at all. I think that's kind of bad ass.

3. All things can be done when you have friends helping you. Erica took me under her wing and helped me make the best out of a bad bracelet.

4. Teddy bear hot tub.


Erica said...

Remember how your navy blue sweater was the big sweater winner?!


Hixx said...