Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One less thing

to worry about.

After many, MANY difficult times. After a roughly 400 day period, hell, it was probably longer than that, of ultimate suffering...

After many, MANY phone calls that my husband could never answer...

After being laid off both of our well-paying jobs within one month of each other...

After many tears, many fears, many, MANY thousands of dollars....

John and I are officially out of debt.

ALL debt. Any and all debt is gone. GONE.

This is huge. This is huge because John and I did this together. We both worked really hard. We both wanted to stop giving money every month to pay off our debt and buy other things instead, but we kept at it. Kept chipping away.

And granted, a little help from Al and his estate didn't hurt the final push, but we had gotten our debt down to a really manageable amount without him. We would have been mighty close to our goal of out of debt by the end of the world, even without his money!

But yesterday I sent the LAST check that I will ever have to send. I'm so happy about this, and proud.

And I said to John, the great thing about being out of debt, is that you can STAY out of debt forever! If you want to you know? Getting over being sick? Well, someday you'll get sick again....but out of debt? We never have to be back there again, not ever.

I'm really pleased, I really am.

For today, I'm going to just let that rest and not worry about the other things. Tonight John and I are celebrating and we're going to set up Christmas in the house. Maybe go get the cheapest meal we can find in honor.



Erica said...

So much to celebrate!!
Congratulations, guys!!! What a weight off your shoulders!

Melisa said...

Hurray!! That is a huge accomplishment!! And I know how good it feels: we did it about eight years ago and it's awesome. We pay our credit card in full every month now and I never want to go back to where we were when we were paying for things months later that were gone, broken, or not worth having been paid for on credit anyway.


That reminds me, I never answered your email...gotta do that!

Hixx said...

Yay! thank you ladies! So much. And yes, it's really fun. And yes, ANSWER ME DAMMIT!


I kid.