Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The State of ME

It's here, the Hixx children will be descending on New Harbor Maine in less than 12 hours.

I'm excited. Nervous, worried, happy, relieved...

Maine is so beautiful. My mind could use that.

Maine is kinda chilly, like here right now, I like that too.

I'll be with my brothers, the first time we've ever been together without mom. The first time we've all been together at all in a long time.

My brothers make me laugh. A lot. We're a pretty funny group all together, absolutely ridiculous.

They understand me better than almost anyone.

I'm going to miss my house and dog and job. I hope they miss me too.

When I come back I have a HUGE party I've been waiting for. All year almost. Going with my lady friends, headed out early to pre-party before the big party I've been waiting for all year (The Annoyance 25th anniversary party, I'm really excited, those were really great days) and ...

Lots of Buddhist podcasts.

I'm going to read.

I'm going to eat lobster rolls.

I'm going to Maine.


Melisa said...

Have a great time! And let's seriously plan a lunch date when you get back!

Kate said...

Have an amazing time! I love Maine -- I hope to get back to visit soon, too!