Saturday, August 11, 2012


Remember the story of lil Bamboo?

We found him the day of the ONE blizzard we had last winter. John heard him mewing under a car and a few minutes later, I went out and somehow rescued him. He had one blind eye and a fighters spirit. We kept him for a few unrelenting weeks, tried to keep him, but eventually gave him away to a gay couple we know.

They renamed him Puck. They took him to the vet and got his eye fixed. Little man could see again. Fighter.

I just got a message that they had to put Puck down.

I guess the lil fellow had some mental problems. He never really drank any water, they were constantly trying to get him liquid. He was lethargic and tired and my friends, they did their best. Weekly trips to the vet, tests for all kinds of viruses, etc.

He perked up a bit but then I guess he went further downhill, crying all the time, not eating...the vet and my friends all decided it would be best to put the lil guy down.

And it just kills me.

Everything lately has been so serious in my life. Mom, John, my friends are going through stuff, everything is decidedly not that fun right now and the tale of this kidden who fought so FUCKING hard to make it, couldn't.

Now I'm not going downhill mentally because a cat we saved had to be put down, but it does lend itself to wondering how hard things have to get. We fight and fight, this little kidden fought and fought and all for nothing.

I'm so so sad. About so many things.

The demise of lil Bamboo just breaks my heart.

I will try to find the Buddha, to touch the ground, to rejoice in the life that Bamboo did have and to try to see the beauty instead of the struggle...

But man. My poor friends who did everything they could, poor Bamboo, poor me, poor all of us.


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