Monday, June 18, 2012

We All Know

about my love for Tom Cruise right? It's not a love love, not even close. Cruise cannot compare to Henry Cavill or my beloved Heath Ledger, my true and forever Hollywood boyfriend, but I love me some Tom Cruise.

Jerry McGuire is one of my favorite movies (right after Working Girl) and I live for the Mission Impossible movies and sigh, I just love him. 

Pretty much if you've got Cruise in a movie, I'm there.

So I'm taking this very hot afternoon to go catch me some Rock of Ages. I'm doing it. I'm a rebel.

There will come a time here, soon I suspect, almost as soon as today, where I won't be talking about mom so much. This is natural, and maybe the hardest part I have about this whole thing.

Certainly I'm not afraid of forgetting or anything like that, but life goes on, condolences have been sent, people's lives continue as does mine and my husbands. What feels weird now is the amount of energy that went to mom, especially the past few months...and now where does that energy go?

I've been downright busy since mom died. Plenty of time for TV and sitting under trees, but life starts again and I don't know, I'll need to find a way to honor her (guh, kinda cheesy) in my own way. The trees are a big part of it, I pretty much sat under trees all weekend, so I'm still loving that.

But on we go, grief lessens, energy towards that specific need lessens, remembering mom...

Anyway, a few things here:

1. I thought the end of The Killing was just great. I've been in to this thing the whole time, I love Joel Kinnaman (RAWR, kinda dirty, drug addict, cop hot) and I thought the end was great. I had never guessed it. So yay, I hope it comes back.

2. Prometheus: Good to see so you can watch all the bits associated with it later. Bah.

3. I'm reading Dr. Zhivago right now, how had I not read this book? I love me some Russian literature and this is so awesome. More reading goes along with more trees, I see books holding a stronger priority level in my life coming up, in more ways then one....

4. Now without the Killing I have nothing on TV until Breaking Bad in July.

5. I'll keep reading.

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Melisa Wells said...

OMG you haven't read Dr. Zhivago? Love it. Love the movie too!

Have fun with Tommy. :)