Friday, June 15, 2012

Endless Love

Just came on my ipod. We played this song at our, wait, no we didn't we had my friends Wendy and Ross SING Endless Love at our wedding. It killed. I love this song.

Anyhoo, a week out. A week ago I was sitting in the Snow White movie. God forgive me.

I'm doing okay, truly. I hesitate to say I'm doing great, because, well, that's not really it.

Those first few days I think there was an adrenaline rush happening. Somewhere around Wednesday this week I got really tired and sad. And then I feel better.

Now it's about getting back into it. Working, working on tours, which still feel great and I've gotten some neat nibbles and bites.

A few interesting things:

1. Music - there were a few songs I listened to a lot when mom was dying. I find I can't listen to those songs right now. They served a different purpose, the music I'm listening to now is all really upbeat, almost too much so. Interesting though that I seriously cannot listen to those songs at all. Maybe someday.

2. Priorities
My priorities were starting shift before mom, but they are really shifting now. Things I thought I wanted desperately now don't seem so desperate and the things I thought could be put on a burner are now pushed to the forefront. I'm letting these changes sit a bit, but yeah...shifts.

3. Trees
That desperate need to sit under a tree is fading a little, however, I can say in all honesty I have sat under more trees in a week than I have my whole stinkin' life. So, it's kind of fun. I'm really going to work on making that a part of who I am. Now when I go running in the morning, I go to the park or the lake and smack dab in the middle of my run, I'll sit. Turn off the tunes and just look at the leaves. Whole different way to start a day.

4. In-Laws
I have decided that this is why people get married, so they can have a whole other family when something happens. I happen to have great in-laws and their extended family have been sending cards, emails, all over everything. It's really sweet and makes me feel good.

5. Morocco
Nuff said.

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Melisa Wells said...

Take me with you!!!! :)

P.S. Endless Love rocks. Well, you know what I mean.