Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Here's the thing about mom

All of this is different with my mom.

Mom had her stroke seven years ago.

Still fighting.

She's had two heart attacks and two knee replacements.

Still fighting.

Mom now has a tumor on her bladder that is pressing down on her kidneys. Her body is filling with toxins as we speak. The hospice nurse, said 48 hours ago, that the most she sees is 48 hours.

Still fighting.

I think everyone is kind of amazed that mom is still here, still mumbling about things. Today she asked when this would be over and I was sure she was talking about *this* and then she talks about horses and things so it's hard to say.

I really believe she just wants to hang out with us. Not feel so badly anymore.

But she is still really peaceful and quiet, thankful.

Going back there this afternoon, enjoying this time now to open the window, clean up a little, organize some things that probably don't need organizing.


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