Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We Did It

I'm so pleased.

Sunday evening, after a long walk and a long bike ride, I sat down to watch a little of the NATO coverage. And just as I sat down, things started getting a little tense.

I watched as the protestors started moving forward, I watched as the cops stood straight still.

I watched as (mostly black guys) got bumrushed to the back of the cop pack. I watched as the protestors grew angrier.

I was terrified as some of the cops started whacking a few people, as people started falling down and getting crushed and John's napping on the couch and I start saying "Don't. Don't. Don't do it. Don't oh god please don't." I was swearing at Rahm, why did he have to do this? Why did his huge ego bring this here? How is this helping us??

And I'll admit it, I started crying. I was terrified. And I was terrified for Chicago. I was terrified for the city. Obviously, we still haven't lived down 1968. Never will.

And the cops were SO AMAZING. Watching some pull out the clubs and the others stopping them. That force of blue moving closer and closer, flanking the protestors, just a fucking wall of choppers, so strong in that quiet strength. The police chief standing in the middle of it, not waiting at some desk.  And I took back what I said about Rahm.

I thought it was awesome. And usually I'm not so in love with police, but hell, they were badass.

I'm just happy to have my city back. Happy that some of the world saw it's beauty. Happy that they're gone and just so pleased there was nothing to stain the beauty of this awesome fucking city.

Nice work Chicago. Nice work.