Friday, May 18, 2012

Here's hoping

NATO is here. Finally and once and for all.

I think it's going to breeze right through and we're all going to wonder why we were so freaking nervous.

I hope that's the way it is.

On the plus side, it means I get the weekend off and hopefully John has the weekend off. Hee.

Things are good, slow, calm before the storm?

My Groupon was supposed to happen this week. Didn't. They didn't even call me to tell me that. Grrrr. Not doing it again. I have got to find a way to market to people without putting my business and reputation in the hands of someone else.

Working on it. Taking responsibility.

I am seriously going through some stuff over here. I started getting heart palpitations about a month ago and then not long after that I started getting night sweats.

You know what it says when you google those two things? FOR EIGHT PAGES?



I'm cool with it, I am, I mean, this is just the beginning, the actual deed might not be done for 5 years or so, but unless I'm going through chemo, there is no other explanation. I'm not vomiting or nauseous or sick, I'm going through peri-menopause.

GUH. So between Al, mom, work, peri-menopause and other things I'm working on, I'm afraid I haven't been that much fun to be around lately. I'm a little angry, a little scared, totally antsy and ...

Anyway, my gray hair was getting ridiculous so I turned to a hairdresser friend to help. I didn't want to color it again, but there are a few TV appearances in my future and I didn't want to look like a crazy lady, so she streaked it all blonde.

That makes me feel better.

I'm telling you, when I come out of all this on the other side, I'm going to be SO awesome. I swear I will.


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Erica said...

Hixx, you are already SO awesome.

For realz.