Friday, May 11, 2012


My holy bells is it pretty outside. My goodness Chicago. Sparkle on lady.

Anyhoo, things are good. Things are about to get really BUSY. Tour season is basically 2 weeks away. I'm doing a Groupon (dskalfsdjkalreiwao;in) that will happen next week.

I'm doing Paper Machete tomorrow (yeep! I wanted to be asked, it was nice to be), I got a Nick D on WGN on Monday night late, I've got a local TV show coming to the redlight tour and a couple of media people coming on the Second City Tour.

It's kind of awesome. Hixx is going to be everwhere soon. Fun.

It feels good for tour season to be starting. To not just "be working" but to "be busy" is going to be a good thing for me.

So I'm updating and fixing and re-writing tours and coming up with new ones and it's nice.

The juggernaut though. Just don't ask.

Right now work and Morocco and my family are my priorities. That's what I tell myself to feel better about not working on the juggernaut. But I'm trying not to pressure myself too much about it.

SURVIVOR SUNDAY! I hate this season. But still. It means I get pizza.

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