Monday, May 07, 2012


Yesterday we went to celebrate mom's 80th birthday. Out of the hospital and in a weird little room in her home, mom seemed a little more with it yesterday. She was happy we were there and we were happy to be there.

As I looked at my tiny little mom (she's lost over 40 pounds, she's TINY) I asked her for wisdom. I asked her for advice, it's been 80 years, didn't she have something to tell her daughter about life? Love more? Dance more? No one ever sat around saying "I wish I had watched more TV?"

She looked me right in the eye, she has this intense way of doing this these days, so she looks me right in the eye and says "you already know everything, you know exactly what to do, you always have."

I was looking for wisdom and she throws it right back at me.


AMAZING RACE. Thank god big forehead and big ego won I guess. I mean, who cares? I hated them all and am just pleased it wasn't the dudes or Big Brother.

A friend of mine said the other day, "for the first time in history, I care not who wins Survivor or the Race."

I have to agree.

This is about regular people, not angry or half famous couples. I want to see regular people go through the extreme changes.

Game of Thrones is the best thing on TV.

Did you know you cannot easily watch Captain America or Thor? They have made it expensive and hard to do. Whatever.

I have dinner with ladies tonight. I'm so glad.

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Crescent said...

Wow. That's actually amazing advice. Beautiful. So glad it was a great celebration. My mom turned 70 yesterday so here's to milestone mom times! Love you!