Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update on me Ma

So, mom's not going home anytime soon.

She's having problems with her kidneys because of the bladder tumor. She has bad kidneys anyway, so this is serious.

First thing we have to do is save the kidneys, so mom will most likely have an operation tomorrow to do just that.

Then we have to worry about what to do with the tumor. Mom could get much more invasive surgery, chemo, or we could...let it go.

Mom insists, all pale and sick and delirious in the bed, that she would be a perfect candidate for the surgery. She wants to hang on so much. I asked her why, you know, it's been a long time confined to a bed now and all this, wasn't she tired? She said that she couldn't go because she wants to see what happens to us.

I know what she means.

I love her for that.

But she's so little, so tired, hates the hospital so much, she's confused and poked and prodded and now it's going to be at least 4 or 5 more days in the pital...I don't wish I could make her well or anything like that, but I do wish I could bring her some peace. Mom and peace have never quite been hand in hand.

SO. It's hospital time. I'm getting really good at Evanston. I'm figuring it out, bringing my laptop, maybe I can get some work done. I dunno. Time slips fast during all this and it's hard to make anything else a priority. But there is a business to run and tour season coming up in a few weeks and...

I'm thankful that these have been quiet weeks and I have days and times where I can go see me ma.

I miss Boston Rob by the way. yeesh. Is anyone going to play Survivor but KIM? Why didn't Troy make people aware that she's going to walk away with this thing?



Melisa Wells said...

Let me know if you need anything. I'm good at listening. I'm also good at making people laugh, mostly when I'm not trying to. xo

Hixx said...

thank you Melisa!

Terence said...

Lovely and interesting post.